Friday, 11 November 2011

The Night before Noir.

So it's the night before our first ever slam. Am I nervous? Only ever so slightly. Because I know it's gonna be good.

Our puppeteers are rehearsed with new pieces, our tech is in place, our puppet band are primed, and our hosts...? Well, at least our hosts have new costumes.

Nancy Black, Amanda Maddock and I went onto RRR radio's SmartArts program yesterday and chatted with the ever lovely Richard Watts about what it means to be a puppeteer, why puppets, why now? After admitting to my two cohorts that I was feeling a little "vague through exhaustion" (late night puppet building being my excuse) and could they please take over, I found myself in the occasional inevitable hot seat as Richard directed his questions to each of us in turn. Oy vey. But I tried my hardest to focus and pulled off a successful radio interview.

So, we have been told through various sources, to expect a full house. That's nice, for our first show! One excited woman saw our little plug in The Age and has emailed me about 5 times just to make sure all the details were correct. I look forward to seeing her on the night! Apparently Melbourne has some closet adult puppet fans. I shall have to remember to get a mailing list.

Personally, I shall be hosting the night with Hamish Fletcher, performing in Amanda Maddock's piece, and (fingers crossed) performing my Auslan interpretation of one of the puppet songs. That's if I don't chicken out at the last second! I have not yet graduated from my Auslan course, so making sure I get the signs correct is important, and this will be my first time. I am excited about popping that Auslan performance cherry.

What else will be on during the evening?

WELL... I started writing what was on, but then realised I want it all to be a surprise. So you don't really need to know that there will be eggs, cornflakes, toothbrushes, apples and shadows do you? Oops.


PS. Oh. Doors open 7.30pm, $10 tix at the door only, at St Ali cafe 12 - 18 Yarra Place, Sth Melbourne.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

SLAM NOIR 12 NOVEMBER - Get your puppet ON!!

Ok. So it's getting exciting here at Slam Noir central. We have not one, but THREE international performers, 2 ridiculous hosts, a cool and kooky puppet band (ok, maybe not a band of puppets, but a band for puppets?) and a slew of INCREDIBLE local puppet talent!!

Hosted by Lana Schwarcz and Hamish Fletcher, our line up includes:

Mr Bunk (Canada)
Stephane Georis (Belgium)
Amanda Maddock (USA)
Mike Bevitt (Tas)
Vanessa Ellis
Lynne Kent
Dan Goronszi
Penelope Bartlau
Rod Primrose
Leah Scholes
Jacob Williams

and Derek Rowe heads up our puppet band - which happens to consist of Ukelele, Tuba, and a Fiddle. Cos nothing is 'normal' at Slam Noir.

DOORS OPEN at 7.30pm for dinner and snacks, SHOWS start 8pm onwards.
$10 Tickets at the door only

Where is this door?
ST ALI, 12 -18 Yarra Place, Sth Melbourne

PLEASE BRING TORCHES!!! Of the flashlight kind, not of the lynching kind. You, the audience, will be lighting up the performers in a truly unique evening.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hello World!

So this is our first ever Puppet Slam based in Australia! Starting off in the town known for its black wearing trendsetters, Noir seems fitting. As does hosting it in a well known cafe in a South Melbourne laneway. As does keeping the room ever so slightly dark, until you, the audience light it up with your torches and laughter.

I won't say too much more here right now, except to say that Nancy Black and I are super excited to be hosting these events and look forward to the first one, happening this November 12th at St Ali in Melbourne. Many more details to come, and hopefully more around Australia too, so make sure to follow us and check this space.

xxLana Schwarcz